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IL LEONE | Lonard Bundu by David A. Weiss





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Ganzo is an interactive gallery space where creativity takes on new and continuously changing forms. Its position in the center of Florence provides an ideal location for exchange and stimuli between the past and present, foreign and local cultures, not to mention the evolution of creativity itself in an international art capital. Art shows and exhibitions are held year round and feature the works of the foundation FUA students and faculty, artists from near and afar, and all individuals who desire to renew and “renovate.” In a history-saturated city such as Florence, continuously under restoration and maintenance, all creative fields that will inspire the inhabitants and visitors of Florence are welcome. Painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance, multimedia, and theater are just a few of the mediums and formats that have been presented at Ganzo.

Ganzo Art Gallery is the area of Ganzo dedicated to art-based initiatives. Within Ganzo Art events, the F_AIR-GANZO Collective represented by FUA Fine Arts students shares a new approach to studying-promoting-exhibiting art beyond mere observation by using project development to reach new forms of understanding and appreciation.

Details on current Ganzo exhibitions can be found here. 

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